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Here you will find various recent recordings and videos together with the gateway to our Virtual Church tour.

Listen to Lesley Ludlow speaking at the New Way service on Sunday 18th February 2024.

New Way 18 Feb 24Lesley Ludlow
00:00 / 06:22

Listen to Gordon Mackley speaking at the New Way service on Sunday 11th February 2024.

New Way 11th February 24
00:00 / 10:30

Listen to Ann Harrison speaking at the One Way service on Sunday 4th February 2024.

Talk 4th February 2024
00:00 / 08:41

Listen to Bishop Rose Hudson speaking at our Christmas Day service, 25 December 2023.

Talk 25th December
00:00 / 12:17

Bishop Rose also took questions at the 4th June New service

Q&A with Bishop Rose
00:00 / 10:18
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